Retul Bike Fit

January 16, 2010

SWCS has partnered with Durata Training ( to offer the most advanced bike fit on the market today. Dave Wenger, founder of Durata Training, has been utilizing the Retul System for a number of years to fit both professionals and amateurs in road and mountain bike racing as well as in triathlon.

Dave Wenger and Dan Piercy discuss the issues

The Retul system utilizes state of the art 3D motion capture technology to actively and precisely capture an immense amount of data on the rider’s position. The system uses 8 infra-red LEDs that get placed on the body in specific locations to capture a full set of body measurements 29 times per second. This specific data is then used to dial in the rider’s position to create the most comfortable and effective position possible.

LED's transmit the position data

Dave capturing and interpreting the data

But data itself is does not ensure an effective position on the bike. The system is only as good as the person interpreting and applying the data and Dave Wenger is, in my opinion, the best in Texas.

If you want to schedule a bike fit please email Dave at Durata Training or call the shop.


Been a Long Week

January 10, 2010

It’s been quite a week here at SWCS. There have been a lot of changes, unfortunately not all of them good. Due to a difficult economic climate as well as the anti-small business tax policies in the City of Cedar Park and Williamson County, we decided to close our Cedar Park location. We tried in vain to work with the taxing authorities to put a stop to the exponentially increasing property taxes imposed by the City and the inventory tax imposed by Williamson County, but our pleas fell on deaf ears.

There is no way that a local business can weather economic adversity in the face significant overhead being imposed by taxing authorities. My opinion: If cities want sustainable economic development, they have to stop giving tax breaks to national chains while at the same time imposing greater taxes on locally owned businesses.

If you live in Cedar Park and want to keep locally owned businesses viable you need to speak to your councilman and let your views be heard. If they are not listening, vote the bums out.

Oh, I almost forgot the good news. Paulie has joined us here at the Bee Cave location as Service Manager.

We value the friendships we developed with our customers in Cedar Park and will continue to work hard to earn your trust and your business.