The Result

February 20, 2010

Well, we finally finished the bike from the previous post.  The frame is a Scott Addict R1 with integrated seatpost and bottom bracket.  The rest of the build out is SRAM Red, with Zero Gravity brakes and Zipp 303 tubulars.

Scott Addict R1

  Final weight? See below 

Addict R1 final weight


The Bad, the Good and the Ugly

February 11, 2010

A Clint Eastwood reference to open this post? Why not? Though I realize I’ve taken a few liberties with the sequence, the purpose will become clear.

The Bad
One of our good customers and friends had an unfortunate incident involving his Scott Addict R1. You may have seen me post this bike before as the lightest bike we have ever had in the store. It weighs in at less than 13lbs with SRAM Red and Lew Racing wheels. The unfortunate incident? You guessed it. Crash.

Scott Addict R1

The bike was in the shop to be inspected and made ready to ride again when we discovered the problem. The accident had put enough pressure on the front derailleur to cause a crack in the front derailleur hanger.

Cracked fron Derailleur Hanger

The Good
How could there be any good from this you ask? Well, Scott USA has a very generous crash replacement program for its products. If your frame is damaged in a crash, Scott USA will replace it at a cost, on average, of less than 1/3 of its original retail price. None of the other manufacturers we represent have such a customer friendly policy.

The Ugly
Now for the ugly. In order to replace a frame under the crash replacement policy, Scott USA requires proof that the frame has been destroyed. I offered the chance to the owner, but he declined. This means that I got to take a hacksaw to a $3,500 frame.

Destroying a $3,500 Frame

The result

The Destroyed Chain Stay

The new frame is on the way and we will build it up next week. Dave Wenger of Durata Training will join us later next week to make sure that we have the fit right.

The moral of the story? Make sure that the manufacture has policies in place that are pro customer.