Advice For My Boys

August 15, 2010

Saw this on another blog earlier this week and thought it appropriate to share with the kids.

1 – Never cheat.
2 – Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
2 – Work hard and with purpose.
4 – Don’t waste love/energy on unimportant things or blatantly selfish people.
5 – Don’t tear other people down; build them up.
6 – Don’t whine or complain.
7 – No excuses.
8 – Never ever give up.


Life Goes On

August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is August 3rd 2010. 15 years ago The Racer was born in Summit, NJ (“God’s Country”). If I remember correctly it was about this hot.

It appears that we are about to embark on a new chapter in our lives. This week we are off to DMV to take the written test and get the Learner’s Permit. I can feel my bank account, along with my sanity, draining away amongst the constant refrain of “I’ll Drive”