Emergency Contact Information

June 8, 2011

Something became crystal clear to me this past Sunday morning at 10:10 am.  I need to get a Road ID.

This weekend, the racer and I did not do our usual Sunday morning ride out of the Shop.  As we do every year, we volunteered to do mechanical support at the Day 2 start of the South Central Texas Tour de Cure.  That meant we were up early on the road by 5am to San Marcos, TX for the start.  Every thing went as usual as we pumped up a few hundred tires, changed some flats and generally made sure everyone was ready to ride.

We were home by 10:00am and eating breakfast when the call came.  A good friend had been involved in a crash in the sprint finish of the Road Race in Fredricksburg, Texas and no one had his wife’s contact information – Luckily I did.  I saw him on Monday in University Hospital in San Antonio.  He’s going to be OK, but its going to be a while before he’s back on his bike.

Two things need to be stressed here.

  1.  You need to have emergency contact information with you at all times while your riding or racing.  (It turns out he was wearing a Road ID, but no one knew what happened to it.)
  2. Those disclaimer forms we’ve all filled out a thousand times before every race – Please slow down and write clearly.  The information may be vital.
Yesterday I bought myself a Road ID and signed up the shop to be a dealer.  Go to our website click on the banner and get one.  If you can’t spare the $20 come talk to me, well figure out a way to get it done.  It’s that important.