Joys of Single Speed

January 18, 2012

A few years ago I sold an old steel bike that I was not using very much and bought a new fixed gear/single speed.  My previous FG/SS bikes had always been frame up conversions whenever I could find the right frame, so this was going to be a first.  I decided on the Felt Dispatch because it had road bike geometry, came fully equipped with drop bars and brakes and, first and foremost, it was available.

2009 Felt Dispatch

I’ve been riding this bike a lot lately because I sold my Jamis Xenith Elite last month. (Hey Renea – when is my new bike gonna get here?).  I’ve gotta say, I’ve really enjoyed it.  Until this last month I’ve only used it in fixed  mode but since flipping the hub to the freewheel side I’ve been doing longer rides both alone and with the group.  The only issue I’ve had is on flat sections and down hills.  I just cant seem to spin faster than 115 rpm and find mydelf running out of gear.

The overall impression?  It’s been kinda liberating – No intervals – No hill repeats – Just riding along.