Scott Helmet & Shoes

Today I received my new helmet and shoes from Scott USA. I have used their shoes in the past but this is the first helmet that I will test.

SCOTT Road Team Boa – MSRP $165

According to Scott USA, “The Road Team BOA is the shoe for serious response and long distance comfort. It features a microfiber upper and a close-fitting adaptive fit pattern with the BOA closing system at the midfoot. The Ergologic insole features an adjustable arch support and metatarsal button. The injection nylon and glass fiber sole has a stiffness index of 8 and features a replaceable TPU heel tread.”

My initial impressions are positive.  The shoes are comfortable and light and the BOA closing system secures the foot quite nicely.  Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the white with the red accents matches the kit quite well ( yes, i am that vain).  Ill get the cleats mounted up in the next week and give an over all review in a month or so.




SCOTT Vanish EVO Helmet – MSRP $160

According to Scott USA, “The Vanish Evo offers a class leading combination of ventilation, fit, light weight and safety.  ConeHead™ technology offers the edge in safety and the all new MRAS II fit system ensures a comfortable and familiar fit ride after ride.”

Well, the helmet is light and the vents are huge.  The fit is pretty good and the highly adjustable retention system is a nice plus.  It seems to fit me quite well, albeit quite differently from the Laser Genesis that  have been using for the last season.  As with the shoes, I’ll post a detailed review in a month or so.





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