Craft Base Layers

This year we have decided to bring in some select winter clothing from Craft.  Craft was formed in Sweden in the early 1970’s with the aim of developing and selling the highest performance base layers and outerwear.  We have been testing Craft’s base layers throughout the heat of the summer and were impressed enough to bring in their winter base layers along with selected gloves and arm, leg and knee warmers.


So that our customers can try out the base layer in a real world environment, Craft has generously provided us with a full size run of both Men’s and Women’s Be Active Extreme base layers for us to try. Call or stop by the store and we will give you one to try on your next ride.


The following is the Boss’s review:

As many of you already know, I highly dislike being cold and am always the person riding with full tights, a jacket, a headband and full fingered gloves whenever the temperatures drops into the 50’s.  I guess that’s why I was the first one to try the Be Active Extreme base layer from Craft and was asked to write a review

I’ve used the  base layer on my last two rides and must say I’m impressed.  When I removed the base layer from its packaging, I was immediately drawn to the garment’s hand feel – soft and light.  The fit was good, though the sizing seems to run a little small, and I particularly liked the crew collar and the longer cut.  I rode to the store that morning and upon putting on the base layer I immediately felt like I was wrapped in a thin heater. We then went on a chilly (about 40 degrees) 35 mile ride.  As many of  you in Austin already know, the strong sun here tends to heat pretty well on the uphills and it the garment doesn’t do a good job of wicking the downhills can be quite miserable.  Not in this case – I was warm and comfortable the entire ride.

The bottom line is that I love my Be Active  base layer.  It performed exactly as advertised, but if you can’t trust the Swedes to get cold weather gear right it time to give up.  Looks like there is at least one more short sleeve in my future as well as a long sleeve for my runs and early morning dog walks.


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