My Current Stable

I may in fact be he only bike shop owner in history that actually has more automobiles than bicycles. I know, I know – but with four drivers in the house, it gets a bit complicated. I’ll do my best to remedy the situation in the future as the Racer heads off to college and the Younger finishes up High School.

What’s in the barn currently? My regular ride is a 2013 Jamis Xenith Elite and the commuter and overall fun ride is a 2009 Felt Dispatch fixed gear.

Jamis Xenith Elite
I’ve been riding the Jamis Xenith Elite since January 2013. As with the other Xenith’s I’ve owned this one is stable, stiff and smooth. The addition of the 2012 SRAM Red has fixed the front shifting issues that I’ve experienced with past Red groups and the Easton EA90 SLX wheels continue to impress. The bike is currently equipped with a SRAM Red Quarq Power Meter and a Garmin 510.


Felt Dispatch
I bought the Dispatch after I sold my previous Fixed Gear and trimmed the rest of the herd. I was initially attracted to it because of its road geometry, drop bars and front and rear brakes. I use it mostly for recovery rides and commuting. The only changes I’ve made are rebuilding the rear wheel to eliminate a flat spot and adding a NiteRider Lumina 650 for dark commutes. Overall – the most fun bike I’ve ever owned.



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